How To: Install a Toilet

Though definitely not cutting edge, toilet seat design has actually experienced a tide of development recently. So if you are planning to replace a toilet seat, especially if it’s been a long time because you last perused the selection at your local home enhancement center, watch out for these vital features:

Quiet closing: Gone are the days of toilet seats’ banging closed. Select a product with hinges developed to let the seat down gently.

Formed bumpers: The simple, no-nonsense benefit of molded-in-place bumpers? They do not break in the course of routine use.

Colors: Toilet seats now are available in dozens of colors. One maker, Bemis, offers a color selector tool to aid house owners navigate the field of offered alternatives.

Cleaning: The better the seat, the simpler it is to remove for cleaning. Find an item that can be removed with nothing more than a screwdriver.

Resilience: Pick a toilet seat with stainless-steel or zinc-plated hinge posts, which neither snap nor corrode as they hold the toilet seat in place.

How To: Install a Toilet

How To: Install a Toilet

Adaptability: For kids, there are “trainer” models that have integrated, detachable potty seats; for elderly people, some toilet seat designs include side arms with slip-resistant grips.

– Replacement toilet seat kit
– Permeating oil
– Adjustable wrench
Various toilet seats need slightly various techniques of installation. Consult the producer’s directions to comprehend the peculiarities and traits of the item you have picked.

One thing is certain: Today’s toilets seats are so simple to install that removing the old one is most likely to be the most tough step in the process. If your existing toilet seat fastens to the bowl by means of metal hardware, the moisture and humidity of the bathroom may have corroded the hinges, making the nuts hard to remove. If so, spray each nut with a permeating oil, such as WD-40, then wait 10 minutes and try again.

As soon as you’ve been successful in getting rid of the old toilet seat, proceed to install the brand-new one. Couple of devices are needed, since most of the time, it’s a simple matter of nuts and bolts. Slide the bolt through the proper holes in the toilet seat and bowl. Then, with an adjustable wrench, apply torque to the nut situated beneath the bowl. The bigger or more elongated the nut, the easier your task is going to be. Some toilet seat replacement kits might need the use of a tool specifically designed for tight areas.

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